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SAMSUNG S8000 service cjdes

SAMSUNG S8000 service cjdes

Firmware version: Check your installed firmware *#1234#
Hardware version: Check your hardware *#2222#
PhoneLock: Check whether or not your phone is locked. All categories have to show OFF
IMEI-number: Check your IMEI-number *#06#
Master-Reset: all personal data will be deleted *2767*3855#
Samsung GT-S8000 GPRS [E]: Only “on demand turn-on” of the Samsung GT-S8000 GPRS [E]
(that saves some battery-power)
=> Type the code
=> Power on attach => check
=> Save
=> Restart your phone
Test Menu: Open Test Menu of your phone *#0*#
Internals: do not change without knowing what you are doing … this will influence the
phone’s behaviour!!!, for older firmwares use: *#6984125*# *#5239870*#
Masterkey: is sometimes needed, when changing something in the internals. !!! for older
firmwares use *#9072641*# *#7092463*#
Service Menu: Open the Service Menu *#197328640#
'PreConfig' Menu: Open the 'PreConfig' Menu (e.g. provider settings) *#27236*#
*#0*# Speaker & LCD display Tests

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